Green hills

Dr. Signout is on holiday! And instead of lying in bed all day and reading Vanity Fair as she had no small urge to do, she has shuttled off to enjoy a cool-weather summer holiday in the southwest of Ireland.

When I’m on holiday, you’re on holiday. No hospital politics, no patient-family shenanigans, no elegantly structured, economical-yet-lyrical discourse on learning to care for sick people. Just green hills, cold cliffs, and dips in the frigid Atlantic. And perhaps a bit of Guinness.

I’ll be back before two weeks have passed. Meanwhile, sweat an extra bucket for me.

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One Comment on “Green hills”

  1. Miriam Says:

    Happy Ireland!…lucky duck.
    Happy early B-day, sending muchas smoochas. Sneak a Harp Lager in for me, I’ll be toastin’ ya!

    Love, Miriam

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