But enough about me

Most of you know I’m not the only one writing about the medical profession out here in the blogosphere. This week, I’m honored to be in the company of many excellent medical bloggers at two weekly, appropriately named anthologies: Grand Rounds and Pediatric Grand Rounds. Please have a visit and view the greatness that surrounds me!

I also made it into WordPress.com’s A-Blog-A-Day column the other day. They called me “interesting,” which, as I recall, is fairly synonymous with “not interesting.” Whatever. It’s exposure.

But enough about me: anyone with an interest in verse should get their hands on this newly published poetry anthology called Body Language. The poems are written by and about the medical profession, and the few entries I have read so far are complicated and beautiful in the best of ways.

Now back to our irregularly scheduled programming.

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3 Comments on “But enough about me”

  1. I found you from Flea’s blog. Great stuff. I’ll be back to read more…

  2. Dr. de Asis Says:

    I too have a blog on wordpress (www.allergyasthmasource.com) It’s been a while since my internship, but I’m trying to relive my (repressed) memories for purposes of fiction writing. Have you read “House of God” and “Intern Blues”? “Intern Blues” is a book based on the journals of 3 pediatric residents, so you might find it interesting. Fare thee well as you pass through this stressful and life-changing year!

  3. signout Says:

    I was given “House of God” as a gift when I got into medical school, but regifted it after 10 pages–it was too depressing. Maybe something I could tolerate better now that I’m a little thicker-skinned. Thanks for the recs, and the well-wishes, both!

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