True meaning of Christmas

I’m an M.O.T., so for me, Christmas, meh. It’s just kind of another day. I’m neither especially cranky about having to work nights through the holiday, nor is my heart filled with the dazzling light of yuletide joy.

But last night, a colleague reminded me of something that brought home the true meaning of Christmas: today, I am exactly halfway through my intern year.


We even had our own Christmas miracle: we got a kid with a huge neuroblastoma in his liver down to the CT scanner at 2 a.m….and he wasn’t bleeding into the tumor. (The real miracle is the first part.)

Huzzah! I shall celebrate by sleeping through the better part of daytime without showering first.

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8 Comments on “True meaning of Christmas”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just a warning…I am going to be lurking as you do your internship. In another life long ago I wanted to do exactly as you are doing but at the time was told “but honey, you are a girl, don’t you want to be a nurse?” AARRGHHH! So I went on with my life (which is great none the less) and now I can get all the sleep I want while reading about your efforts to get at least a little 🙂 (Actually I am amazed that you are conscious enough to blog at all!)

  2. EGM Says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who does the sleeping part without showering first! The A Train, as he likes to call himself these days, tries to make me feel all dirty and full of MRSA if I crawl in to bed without a shower. To him I say: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

    Merry X-Mas, my dear. I’m on my way to the ED. If an MOT can have a Shabbos Goy, we are the Yuletide Yids! I’m quite sure my attending today with be one of the following: Dr. Jacobstein, Dr. Feldman or Dr. Posner. 🙂 (real names changed to protect the innocent Jews. But you get the point).

  3. Flea Says:

    Ah! another MOT. I knew I liked you for some reason.



  4. ervin Says:

    If you’ve seen one xmas, you’ve pretty much seen them all, I suppose. But for that kid with the trick liver, this will always be the xmas to remember.

  5. signout Says:

    Lurk away! Misery loves company.
    MRSA, ShMRSA. I can shower when I’m dead. Wait…
    Jews! We should have some kind of secret language. Wait…
    Welcome, everyone.

  6. slander Says:

    I’m now 43 minutes post Christmas call..and I’m going to bed…without a shower…and everyone I admitted last night had MRSA. I have one question though from a non-Jew…where do you all get your Christmas Chinese food…cause we called every friggin’ Chinese restaurant in Chicago and none were open. Do you guys get some secret map? What the hell am I doing typing?…Glorious bed.

  7. EGM Says:

    Jews eat early. At like, 5. I’m sure that, by the time you called (around 10 or 11pm, I’m assuming, knowing you), that they were long closed. No map. Just Geriatric Eating Habits.
    Merry XMas, man. There’s no sleep like a post-call sleep. mmmm… MRSA.

  8. Yorron Says:

    ok, everyone here seems to know what M.O.T. except me. So what is it?

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