Now up: this week’s Grand Rounds, into which I’ve again managed to squeak. This week: bloggers’ best-of.

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3 Comments on “Squeak”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dr. Signout,

    I love your blog. It is the most coherent, and certainly one of the best, medical blogs I’ve seen. as a wannabe doctor, could you maybe post something about what it takes to make it to med school? — starting, preferably, all the way back in high school. thank you so much & you are amazing.

  2. slander Says:

    To Anonymous,
    Advice on your quest to become a doctor from an admittedly (but justifiably so) jaded doctor
    1) Reconsider your quest while you still have time
    2) Find a very influential ass cheek
    3) Pucker your lips
    4) Place puckered lips on that ass cheek
    5) Do not remove lips from ass cheek until you’re an attending
    6) Find a new, more influential ass cheek and repeat steps 3-5 until your ass cheek is the most influential
    7) Go back to step 1 and be sure you know what you’re getting into
    8) Or you could do it the hard way and scrap steps 2-6 altogether and be true to yourself and struggle to fight becoming just another minion in the pompous, self-righteous culture of medicine and still have some tiny semblance of the person you were before it all began. Good luck.

  3. EGM Says:

    To: Anonymous
    Volunteer work. It’s the one thing that I got asked over and over again on interviews from college straight on through medical residency. If you want to be a doctor, admissions committees want to see that you’re a generally good person who does good work in the world.
    Or kiss a lot of ass. That works, too.

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